Holographic doctors part of Silver Chain’s vision for the future of healthcare

Holographic doctors part of Silver Chain’s vision for the future of healthcare

SILVER Chain Group has unveiled cutting-edge technology that will allow health-care professionals to visit clients in holographic form.

Silver Chain Group Chief Executive Office, Dr Christopher McGowan revealed the new mixed reality application for Microsoft HoloLens, Silver Chain Enhanced Medical Mixed Reality (EMMR) to tech and business experts from across the world at Microsoft’s Envision conference in Florida last week.

EMMR (pronounced EM-R) will enable Silver Chain Group’s 650 clients currently receiving services as part of the organisation’s virtual hospital to experience real-time remote interaction with health care professionals in their own homes

Health care professionals will appear as holograms projected via the Microsoft HoloLens headset.

Dr McGowan said EMMR was designed by Silver Chain Group, in consultation with Microsoft.

“EMMR will enhance the delivery of our services, further supporting our clients to remain at home, rather than be transferred to a hospital,” Dr McGowan said.

“They can have their consultations in the home.

“They won’t have to travel for appointments and clinical specialists can remain in central locations while still providing personalised care and saving the health care system time and money.

“Our research indicates around 30 per cent of people don’t need to be in hospital and could be receiving the same safe, quality treatment at home where they feel more comfortable with the added benefit of freeing hospital beds for critically unwell patients.”